Anxiety and Panic Disorders

Anxiety as generally defined as a mental health condition that is characterized by bouts of panic, fear, intrusive thoughts and concerns, and excessive worrying. Physical manifestations of this condition include sweating, hyperventilation, increased heart rate, muscle tension, and sleeping issues.


Anxiety can also be coupled with panic attacks, which are rapid onset episodes of disabling anxiety and fear, usually based on the perception of danger and not necessarily the threat of imminent danger. Anxiety and panic attack disorders can be treated via medication, talk therapy, and neurofeedback therapy.

In the brain over arousal is often coming from fast alpha or excess beta. With a qEEG assessment you will have a better understanding of how your brain is functioning, and what steps you can take to move towards wellness.

We can also provide ANS assessments for HRV, skin conductance (GSR), skin temperature (ST), and EMG (muscle).

At Alpine Neurotherapy, we offer multiple services designed to help adults and adolescents struggling with Anxiety or Panic Disorders:

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