With our New Website live and a range of Remote Neurotherapy solutions to offer, we have quite a bit to share with you!


In response to the shut down, we've relocated our office back to 5353 Manhattan Circle #102, 80303. This has been a great opportunity for us and we're loving our new office. The space provides a much lower traffic environment than our old office, which means a lot due to public safety concerns. If you haven't received our response/protocols to the health crisis please let us know and we'll send it to you. 


As concerns for public health continue to be at the forefront of peoples awareness, and BVSD will be starting the school year with all online education; we're launching a comprehensive remote training initiative to adapt to the world we are all trying to navigate

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Remote Neurotherapy treatment plan begins with a qEEG analysis which would still need to be done at our office. This way your treatment is based on your brain, your symptoms, and your goals.


Our Clinical Packages for remote neurotherapy are ideal for treating ADD/ADHD, anxiety, trauma, sleep, concussions/TBI, peak performance, and can also be used to enhance your meditation practice.


We have formed a partnership with MindAlive Inc to offer remote training with AVE (Audio visual entertainment) which has been shown to be effective for many applications including; mental health, cognitive performance, sleep, brain brightening, and meditation enhancement. 


We are the honored to be the only neurotherapy clinic in Boulder County currently offering Live Complexity Training. The process of training complexity in the EEG, with broadband synchrony, over small world networks is among the most forward looking approaches to neurofeedback available anywhere in the market today. 


We have limited space available for either remote or in office treatment. Remote is only available while supplies last.

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We offer baseline concussion testing using the XLNTBrain platform. This is also a great test to get a closer look at various aspects of cognitive functioning. We will personally review each baseline test and make recommendations for peak performance and protocol optimization. 


We've also formed partnerships with Bio-Medical for procurement and the iSync Corporation which has launched the world's first AMICA (Adaptive Mixture Independent Component Analysis) de-artifacting platform and is pending K-FDA/FDA approval as the worlds first component driven gender normed qEEG database. 

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There is a lot we're excited to share with you. Please visit the website for more details, and contact us to discuss which options may be best for you. 

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