At Home Neurofeedback

Neurofeedback is a research-backed method for helping clients with a wide array of mental illnesses. It works on the premise of operant conditioning: your brain is rewarded for operating neurotypically. Neurofeedback at home works identically to how it would in the office. You will have electrodes on your head and either watch TV or meditate while the software runs and a technician oversees from their office. If you want a proven way to upgrade your brain from the comfort of your own home, look to further.  


How to train at home

Brainmaster Atlantis

With the Brainmaster Atlantis at-home unit, one of our trained qEEG technicians will be able to run neurofeedback training sessions remotely. You will first need to come into the office for an initial qEEG evaluation to examine your unique brain and determine which training method(s) will be right for you. Then one of our trained qEEG technicians will hand-deliver the Brainmaster Atlantis to your home and give you instructions on how to set up the hardware and software. From this point, future sessions will be run remotely 2-3 times per week based on your availability.  In most cases, we recommend 40 sessions be run for those who want to see lasting improvements in their daily lives.

David Alert PRO System

We are proud to announce a new partnership with MindAlive®. The David Alert Pro System provides cutting edge AVE (Audio Visual Entrainment) with less setup and for a lower price point. This option is only available for some clients; depending on the findings in the initial EEG we will determine if this device is right for you. Ask for more information on your first consultation​