I started sitting mediation in 2013. Having long been a kinetic being who has had a life long relationship with outdoor sports, sports psychology, and meditative states in outdoor adventure. 


I sits regularly in the Shambala Tradition, but equally seek meditation through running as detailed in "Running with the Mind of Mediation", Sakong Miphane Rinpoche. Climbing and cycling can both be meditative for me as well. 


Sitting meditation is central to my sense of self care and to my development as a counselor. Being able to sit with what is; be it pleasant and calm, or unpleasant/uncomfortable is an important skill for a counselor to have. 


As well I have an interest in the relationship between meditation, biofeedback/neurofeedback, and some of techniquest taught in Sports Psychology. There is an increasing flow of research linking neurological benifits of meditation and bio/neurofeedback supported mediation and this is an area of great interest to me.


The Body in Meditation and Psychotherapy: Final Paper