At Home Neurofeedback

Brainmaster Atlantis

With the Brainmaster Atlantis at-home unit, one of our trained qEEG technicians will be able to run neurofeedback training sessions remotely. You will first need to come into the office for an initial qEEG evaluation to examine your unique brain and determine which training method(s) will be right for you (This evaluation costs $500). Then one of our trained qEEG technicians will hand-deliver the Brainmaster Atlantis to your home and give you instructions on how to set up the hardware and software. From this point, future sessions will be run remotely 2-3 times per week based on your availability.  In most cases, we recommend 40 sessions be run for those who want to see lasting improvements in their daily lives.










*Alpine Neurotherapy may buy back your hardware/software for 50% of the price after completion of 40 sessions.

**The sessions are $100 dollars each if purchased individually rather than with the 40 pack or 10 pack

*** This assumes 10 sessions per month and one follow-up examination every 8 weeks

David Alert PRO System

We are proud to announce a new partnership with MindAlive®. The David Alert Pro System provides cutting edge neurofeedback with less setup and for a lower price point. This option is only available for some clients; depending on the findings in the initial EEG we will determine if this device is right for you. Ask for more information on your first consultation​

Prices for this system range from $165 to $640 (before shipping)

40 Session Package

  • Initial qEEG assessment: $500

  • Hardware: $1962*

  • Software:  $450

  • 40 sessions @ $80 each: $3200**

  • 2 follow-up qEEG evaluations: FREE

Total Upfront:​

starting at $6228

Monthly Payment Plan

  • Initial qEEG assessment: $500

  • Software + Hardware costs: $300/month

  • 10 sessions: $85 each: $850**

  • 2 follow-up qEEG evaluations: $400 each

Total Upfront:          Total Due each month:

$692               $1500***

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