Interested in both Research and Clinical Applications 


    Looking at integrating qualitative and quantitative modalities; looking to integrate body psychotherapy with psychophysiology. In the spirit of Lowen, or Feldenkraise I do see these modalities as deeply informative of one another as Kestenberg did with KMP.

    I beleive there is a whole area of both clinical and research practices yet to be created and that inspires me. To develop integrated programs and systems for working with ADD/ADHD, dyslexia, addiction, anxiety, depression, trauma, cronic stress, seizures, and performance with both bottom up and top down perspecives is my professional inspiration. 

     My creative inspiration is this work. Be a "creative" type in the sense of the arts has never been much a calling for me; but I'm learning to apprecaite my creative side more. For me the creation of an integrated modality is what's calling me. It's a massive set of projects and I've very excited about how I will intergrate all the modalities of interest for me into an approach that is uniquely my own.



BMOA I: Final Paper

  • This paper is included as a relevant milestone in my develping skills for observing movement patterns and drawing connections with psychological implications

BMOA II: KMP - Midterm Paper

  • This paper is included as I've found KMP to be useful for both BP as well as Coaching/Sports Psychology. How people are moving can provide information about their mental/emotial state, developmental patterning, attachment theory, and object relations

BMOA II: Buddy Project

  • This paper is included as indicative of the progress I've made to applying the theoretical knowledge into action