Kaleigh Carlone, BS Neuroscience

Kaleigh graduated from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor with a Bachelor's in Neuroscience.  


During this time, she studied the role of biological and environmental factors on the development of internal neural networks and correlating behaviors. She developed a passion for helping others as she learned how brain patterns create the wondrous tapestry of humanity in our world as the brain perceives, changes, and strengthens connections to create an intricate neural network. This premise acted as a guide for her research on how brain communication determines how we respond to the world. Kaleigh spent her senior year exploring how fearful environments alter brain network modules via analysis of network data, allowing her to model brain communication. Aside from research, she worked as a behavior technician during her time in school. 


Kaleigh is working at Alpine Neurotherapy as a Neurofeedback technician, running amplitude training sessions. She is also working towards completion of her didactic course for board certification in Neurofeedback and looks forward to providing care for every patient! 


During her free time, Kaleigh enjoys rock climbing, creating art, listening to music, snowboarding, and hiking.