Joe Castellano, the founder of Alpine Neurotherapy, provides mentoring for Board Certification in Neurofeedback following the BCIA blueprint. He also provides mentoring in EEG/qEEG analysis for neurotherapy applications. 

This is done primarily done using WinEEG and iSyncBrain.

Here's what previous Mentees have said about Mentoring at Alpine Neurotherapy:

Joe and I have been working together for a year now and he has been a fantastic mentor in my process as a neurofeedback clinician. He is a top-notch EEG specialist and his QEEG reports are carefully curated and provide a level of detail that I have not seen before. His passion for EEG is extremely evident and I feel lucky that he continues to give back in the field. If you ever have the opportunity to hear him give a lecture, it will be well worth your time.


-Gabi Whitmer, MA, LPC, Lead Clinician - South Metro Fire Rescue


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