Reflections on Practicum Preparation:

I found myself having some resistence to my own process around Practicum Application. I applied to three sites from the book and didn't get an interview at any of the sites I applied to. I did propose one site on my own and am hopeful that will get approved shortly. Part of my perception of my resistence is based in having a very clear sense of what I want to do. Going out and creating what I want to do is more aligned with my personality and history as well.


Reflections on Service and Helping 

Prior to starting my Somatic Psychotherapy MA at Naropa I served a year long BS level intership at BIPR (Boulder Institute for Psychotherapy and Research) working directly with Cindy Divino BIPR Executive Director on Program Development for an ADD/ADHD Program she was looking to roll out. In addition to 30+ hours of supervision, we looked at ADHD Coaching Programs, Books, Webinars, Medication Effects (both direct and long term), Neurofeedback for treating ADHD - which led me to complete my Didactic Training in Neurofeedback and starting to work actively as a Neurofeedback Trainer and logging 150+ clinical hours of 200 towards my BCIA Clinical Certification in Neurofeedback . 

- other responsibilities included community outreach for service promotions and fund raising including

- conducting comprehensive research on the efficacy and limits of ADHD Coaching, Medication, CBT, Neurofeedback, family counseling, and how a comprehensive program would need to integrate the best of all of these domains

- volunteering at Mesa Elemetry School to assist students with particular challenges and provide my assessment of the work and the institutional approach to my site director


I have voluteered for four years at Mesa Elemetary School working mostly with ADD/ADHD children (though not exclusively). I have volunteered on three occassionas at the Special Olympics. Two semesters as a volunteer coach and mentor to primarily Hispanic Elemtary School Kids as a soccer coach and also to help instill sportmenship. 


After 9/11 I voluneteer and helped recruit volunteers to work in a food kitchen preparing food for fire workers at Ground Zero. 


Giving part of my time in service to others has been a central theme in my life, not just another box to check.