November Newsletter

The Signal in the Noise movie poster by Mary Tracy

Mon Nov 23 2020 07:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

Want to learn more about the man who has seen more than 1 million EEGs?

We often get asked why someone should choose Alpine Neurotherapy, we know there are other clinics you can trust in neurotherapy. The high value we place on continuing education is one of the biggest reasons why. We are proud to have a staff full of lifelong learners. Understanding the complexity of the human brain has a learning curve with no top and our commitment to keep learning helps us offer the most effective neurotherapy solutions in the area. 



Every other Friday our entire staff attends “The Grand Rounds” with one of the great pioneers in the field, Jay Gunkelman. It isn’t that Joe goes to these meetings, our entire staff goes to these meetings. These virtual gatherings of 20+ qEEG professionals from around the world provide an opportunity to watch Jay decipher some of the more head-scratching EEGs we come across as a clinical community. Watching Jay go through EEGs step-by-step, elevates our team’s ability to understand the complex inner workings of the brain. It also provides our clients with access to this community when we have more complex cases. We then utilize this knowledge to better help you!


A herd of Jay Gunkelman bobbleheads created as rewards for the gofundme campaign for Jay’s documentary “The Signal in the Noise”



On Fridays where Jay isn’t hosting Grand Rounds, the team is still busy learning. Joe Castellano, the Director of Alpine Neurotherapy organizes a study group of qEEG specialists, neurotherapists, engineers, educators, and neurologists in our field. This group started with one major goal in mind: in order to go “On to Innovation” we must have command of the fundamentals. None of us are smart enough to do this alone, it takes a network of brains, each studying their pieces and teaching it to each others. 

“The human brain can’t hold within itself a full understanding of the human brain, only a network of brains can do that”

Jay Gunkelman: qEEG credential holder #1

There are a lot of neurotherapy clinics out there that have decided to forego learning how to read the raw EEG in exchange for trusting the fancy pictures that qEEG software can create. While we have the most sophisticated qEEG processing in the area, we’re marching in the other direction. At each meeting a different member of the group presents on a fundamental or interesting topic relevant to raising the bar in the field of neurotherapy. We’ve already had talks on the HRV and EEG, alpha rhythms and the default mode network, gamma, migraines, event related potentials, dementia, and much more; and we have more exciting talks on the schedule.

















The study group before Kody’s presentation: Demystifying Independent Componenet Analysis



Although the main purpose of the study group is to elevate our member's understanding of the brain, this knowledge is not being hoarded by the group. The two Alpine staff members who have already presented are also slated to present updated versions of their talks at the ISNR (International Society for Neuroregulation and Research) 2021 Conference. Joe Castellano will be presenting Normal EEG, a talk that connects the works of Niedermeyer, Libenson, Kropotov, Thompson and Thompson, Gunkelman, and other leaders in the field of EEG. This talk answers the question: What really is normal EEG?. 


Kody Newman will be presenting Demystifying ICA, a talk that walks through the math behind Independent Component Analysis and gives technicians the understanding they need to successfully utilize this analysis technique for EEG decomposition.

The ISNR annual conference will be virtually held June 25th-27th of 2021.



The learning is not restricted to only Fridays. Kaleigh Carlone has just recently finished her 8-week didactic course in neurofeedback. She is also working on a presentation that compares and contrasts the many types of neurofeedback methods and protocols that exist, while simultaneously disseminating the wealth of knowledge from the book “Alpha Theta training in the 21st Century by Cynthia Kerson. 

Tristam Miles is only a few steps away from getting his Board Certification in Neurofeedback. He is also creating a talk about trauma based on the book by Sebern Fisher: “Neurofeedback in the Treatment of Developmental Trauma”. 

Joe recently lectured at the Naropa Graduate School of Psychotherapy on 
”Introduction to qEEG: Phenotypes and Vigilance Modeling”, to the Naropa Community and Student Counseling Center’s Interns on “Understanding ADHD”, and will be presenting “Understanding Stress and Anxiety, a Practical Psychophysiological Perspective” for the Parent Engagement Network this Saturday. 

The research that went into Joe’s talk on Normal EEG


Alpine Neurotherapy is committed to becoming the most knowledgeable Neurotherapy and qEEG provider in the area because when a client trusts us with their brain and mental health, we have a responsibility to know what we’re doing - or where to get support from a network of professionals when we’re not sure how to help them.