Want to learn more about the man who has seen more than 1 million EEGs?


This month we’re excited to be showing a screening of “The Signal in the Noise” aka the Gunkelmantary in a collaborative effort with our good friend of Shari Johannson from Grey Matters Neurofeedback. Shari has been my colleague and friend for several years. The documentary tells the story of Jay Gunkelman, who has been instrumental in the rise of neuropsychiatry and the field of qEEG analysis. If you’ve wondered what is EEG/qEEG and why is this important to the future of mental health; sit back and enjoy the show.


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At the end of the talk, there will be a special Q&A with Mary Tracy. Mary Tracy is a long-time friend of Jay's and is a leader in the EEG and qEEG community. After the movie, she will be answering questions regarding the movie as well as the current state of the EEG. Learn more about her clinic at (


This showing is being brought to you by Shari Johannsen of Grey Matters in Denver and Joe Castellano of Alpine Neurotherapy in Boulder. Visit Our Site to Learn about Alpine Neurotherapy ( Visit Shari's Site to Learn about Grey Matters (