I have been working with Joe and his team at Alpine for a few years now. Originally, I came to see Joe to address my ADD/ADHA.  I had been taking medication to help with my ADD/ADHA since my teens (over 20 years) and wanted to get off the medications. After working with Joe and his team for six months I was able completely get off the ADD/ADHA medications.  Additionally, I was able to increase my productivity and concentration at work without the aid of medications.  


From this success I have had Alpine work with my 10-year-old son who also struggles with ADD/ADHA issues. After training with Alpine there is significant improvement in my son’s school performance and overall clarity of thought.  We have been able to avoid medicating my son to address his ADD/ADHA by training with Neurotherapy.  As a parent I can’t express the comfort it provides to see my son thrive with this therapy and best of all NO PILLS! 


Finally, I have started to work with Joe in his Live Complexity Training to work on Anxiety and Depressions issues that have mounted during this COVID era.  This training has been a transformative experience for me as it has helped calm my anxious mind and gain control and a better understanding of how my mind works.  


From my experience, Alpine has been one of the best investments I have made in myself and my family. 

Tyler Kepney, 

World Cup Ice Climbing Athlete

Alpine Neurotherapy has helped give me an edge as an athlete and competitor because it has been a key tool in sharpening my skills mentally. Specifically with performance of “being in the zone” and keeping focused with the task at hand. I highly recommend this for other athletes that want to compete at their highest potential.

Chris Wall

This company is providing a great service in a cutting edge field. Their staff is very knowledgable, and their work is very effective.

Taylor Pashcal

Experienced Climber

The HRV breathing techniques Joe Castellano helped me develop have been a game-changer and I couldn't be more happy with the results. I took for granted how much of an effect my breathing had on my heart rate and my mental game, but the work Joe has done to help me get it under control continues to show value in stressful circumstances, whether on a heady trad climbing route or at work. I highly recommend working with Joe to learn more about how HRV can benefit your life like it did mine.


Having sustained a TBI, I’ve struggled with extreme anxiety, depression, PTSD, and migraine headaches. 

Over the course of 5 years, I found myself trying several natural healing modalities.  Out of everything I tried Neurofeedback provided the biggest breakthrough in getting my life back together.

Joe Castellano has tremendous knowledge and runs a safe, well-designed protocol that nets results and I am incredibly grateful for the breakthrough in my brain training with him

JD (Parent)

The team at Alpine has given my son a renewed confidence with school - both educationally and socially. We first started coming with the hopes to help control outbursts, anxiety and undiagnosed focus problems (ADD). After time with Tristam and Joe our son now has skills to identify anxiety and control it. We have also seen an immense improvement in schoolwork, reading, and overall performance. Tristam is a great therapist and works so well with our son. We are grateful for this therapy and the fact that we are getting treatment without medication!

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