EEG/qEEG Acquisition and Analysis

At Alpine Neurotherapy we record and process our own EEG/qEEGs. EEG's can be recording for a whole host of purposes, from clinical applications like ADHD, Anxiety, and Depression, for phenotype and vigilance modeling analysis, for peak performance, baseline concussion testing, enhancing meditation, for a host of other purposes, and sometimes just for curiosity. 

We run our EEG/qEEG processing in house using WinEEG, EEGLab, and iSync. We use Neurofield Q21 and Brainmaster Discovery for accusations. 

We have a comprehensive portfolio of Neurotherapy options to address your needs or interests.
Neurofeedback: We offer amplitude training, alpha-theta, synchrony, ILF, and Live Complexity Training using Avatar, Cygnet, BioExplorer, ThoughtTech, and Neurofield.   
Neuroregulation: We offer AVE, CES, tCDS, tACS, pEMF, and tRNS training on the Neurofield system. If you are interested in using home neuroregulatory trainings, tCDS, tACS, AVE, and/or CES we can assist you with this process.
Biofeedback: We offer HRV, GSR (Galvanic Skin Response), ST (Skin Temperature. and EMG on ThoughtTechnology in house.  HRV is offered for clinical and home use training. 


Corporate Applications Counseling

with 13+ years in recruiting and organizational development. Agency, Corporate, Consultant, business owner, public speaker. With hundreds successful placements, projects (both domestic and international),  Joseph Castellano is uniquely poised to help you implement EEG/qEEG and neurotherapy initiatives for key players in your organizations. 


Peak Performance, Baseline, and Concussion/TBI

We work with athletes in skiing, cycling, skydiving, rock and ice climbing. EMSC. We implement and manage the XLNT Brain for the Eldora Ski and Mountain Ski and Snowboard Team. 


Alpine Neurotherapy

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