Somatic Inspiration: Integrating Body Psychotherapy and Psychophysiology

    Since my youth I have been facinated at the interplay between the brain and the body; and how they give rise to the mind and consiousness. My first insprition to look deeper into the body, performance, and the spiritual was The Way of the Peaceful Warrior by Dan Millman (1980) which I read a couple of times in high school and it greatly impacted my approach to my skiing, which led to cycling, to parachuting, to climbing - and through sports I found my interest in Sports Psychology.

      When I entered the recruiting industry my sports psychology rooted approach helped get on the fast track up the corporate ladder. In the course of my work in executive search, corporate recruiting, and organizational development I gained skills around Industrial Organizational Psychology and Career Counseling. 

    In leaving recruiting and finding an area of interest of working with ADD/ADHD populations the interplay of mind,body, regulation, and attention became central in how I saw this population could best be served.   Having worked on the physical and mental skills of various activity, as well as how it can be deeply relevent to your being and your spirituality - this to me is the integrated path ahead. 

    A whole other untapped area of research is the previlence of ADHD in high performing athletes, which I hypothesis is much higher than in the general population. How to incorporate movement, embodyment, mindfullness, and psychology are all parts of my inspriation to do this work.


       Integrating both  top-down and bottom-up approaches and when to use which. How what is felt  and told and what is happening in the body


physiologically interact is an area of great interest to me and expanding this to include both movement and stillness based practices is truly inspiring for



Foundations In Body Psychotherapy: Geneology Paper